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T-Rice - Orange

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Union T-Rice Snowboard Binding 2016


Union T-Rice Snowboard Binding 2016 - Streamlined design provides a seamless boot interface with lateral freedom for maximum tweakage. Extremely responsive and durable.Full grain leather ankle straps are highly durable and provide long lasting comfort. 3D DirectConnect core evenly distributes pressure.

“Whenever I'm riding, I need full faith that my equipment can handle the abuse. Union bindings create that level of trust and give me the opportunity to help

Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

If it's good enough for Travis Rice, then it's good enough for all of us. 

Riding Style Riding Style Freeride (Stiff)
Entry Style Entry Style Traditional Two Strap
Disk Disk

Baseplates Baseplates

DuraFlex ST – Developed and engineered specifically for cold temperatures, Duraflex Nylon is the ultimate in durability and performance.

DURAFLEX CB BASEPLATE - Raw injected, pigment free Duraflex CB nylon provides increased base stiffness and durability. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty. develop the same products that I use.” -Travis Rice

Straps Straps

GENUINE LEATHER - Full grain leather ankle straps are highly durable and provide long lasting comfort. 3D Direct-Connect core evenly distributes pressure across the top of your foot.

MAGNESIUM Buckles - This high-tech process produces a material four times the strength of aluminum with only half the weight. Plus magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant element on the planet.

Highbacks Highbacks

Asym S1 Highback - Stiffness for power and is designed to be inline with your boot in the natural riding position. 

Heelcup Heelcup

CNC Machined 3d ALUMINUM - The CNC process removes excess material to decrease overall weight, while maintaining the strength and integrity of each part. This expensive and time-consuming process demonstrates our commitment to product progression.


Special Features Special Features

VAPORLITE 2.0 Dampening - Vaporlite 2.0 is the evolution of closed cell foam often featured on high-end running shoes. This water resistant, durable material maintains it's superior dampening characteristics in cold temperatures, providing a cushioned ride that can't be matched.

CANTED POWER - Ideal for riders using a wide stance, Canted Gas Pedals on the Atlas supply extra leverage for ollie power. Canting also allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.

Warranty Warranty Limited Lifetime