Smokin Hooligan Snowboard DTX - 2015

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Smokin Hooligan Snowboard DTX - 2015

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Buy Smokin Hooligan Snowboard DTX - 2015 by Smokin for only $449.00 at M2 Sports. Product Description -

2015 Smokin Hooligan Snowboard

What makes a Hooligan? Is it a tendency to strike out against injustices, or to call out blatant abuse of power? Is it the ability to see thought the bullshit and openly fly the flag of your movement without fear of incarceration? By definition a hooligan is “someone, usually young, who belongs to an informal group and commits acts of vandalism or criminal damage, and who causes disturbances, but is not a thief”. Raoul Duke, aka Doctor Gonzo better known as Hunter S. Thompson was indeed a Hooligan of his time. His deep understanding of social injustices and political ridiculousness, paired with his skills as a journalist led him to stir the pot on many occasions. To this day we still admire his commitment to the truth and the weird. Pushing the comfort levels of social acceptance and intolerance is Smokey’s favorite pastime. Stacked with the MOST important features that give a Smokin’ Snowboard that signature style and ride like Certified Good Wood Cores, Three Stage Dampening, VDFLU, Sintered 6K bases and Rubberized Epoxy at a price tag for The People this board cuts through the bullshit. Sporting Jib Flex for a the softest ride we have and Dirt Rocker for carefree riding we tailored this board for easy living on the fringe without the Fear and Loathing you would expect from a “price point” model.

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Additional Information

Rocker Type

Dirt Rocker (DTX)
D.I.R.T. Rocker is our original rocker technology. It is completely flat from binding to binding with a very subtle rise past the bindings to the contact point.  D.I.R.T. Rocker is catch free and playful, with unmatched float in powder.  It’s a perfect choice for jibbing and riding smaller boards in pow with ease. D.I.R.T. rocker boards are also a great option for intermediate riders looking for a less intimidating ride. D.I.R.T. Rocker can be found throughout our freestyle street line.


True Twin
Our true twin boards feature a symmetrical shape, sidecut, and core profile for a consistent feel regular or switch.

Flex Rating

Jib Flex - Jib flex patterns are designed for our softest boards to create a forgiving pressable feel perfect for rail riding and buttering. Focused core profiling creates specific press zones while maintaining pop and stability where you need it.


3 Stage Dampening
3 layers of dampening absorb vibrations caused by changing snow conditions. The extra layer promotes cohesion between your board’s components for durability you can depend on.

Variable Density Fiberglass layup is our proprietary composite formula for the perfect combination of board flex, strength, and pop. We strategically engineer our boards with varying axial tension and density in critical points to make them bombproof, and slightly reduce glass weight in areas it is unneeded for better torsional freedom and flex. VDFLU boards have enhanced control capabilities plus in both lab and on hill testing are 1.54 times stronger than boards without VDFLU. So Sick!

Board Core

Good Wood
Sustainable Full Aspen Wood Cores Our full aspen woode cores are hand picked for consistent knot free strength and flex from an ISC cetfied US lumbermill.


Magne Traction
Here at Smokin, we build boards that we like to ride.  When there is a technology out there that is the best available, why would you want to ride anything else?  Our pursuit of the perfect snowboard has been a driving force since day one, with a constant progression and a search for the best materials and designs available. 5 years ago the path to snowboard enlightenment got wavy.

Manufacturer Board Base

Sintered 6000 Bases
Our sintered UHMW bases are the hardest, toughest available, and 1/3 thicker than industry standard. They have superior wax absorption for lightning fast speed.

Special Features

R3 Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
R3 Environmentally conscious manufacturing is our effort to reduce the footprint that building snowboards creates. Whenever possible we use recycled plastics, reduce waste in our processes and reuse material to minimize our impact on our surroundin


Not only does Smokin offer the best warranty in the industry, we take it a step further by bringing you the only official damaged board replacement program on the planet! For the length of your warranty, the original purchaser can submit any damaged Smokin board which does not fall under the scope of a manufacturer’s defect for a special heavily discounted rate on a new board. When you can depend on your equipment you can concentrate on what’s important; snowboarding


Size Chart

Board Size

Weight Range




130-180 lbs


150-200 lbs

Warranty 3 Years
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