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Smokin Fawesymmetrical Snowboard

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Smokin Fawesymmetrical Women's Snowboard - 2015

Buy Smokin Fawesymmetrical Women's Snowboard - 2015 by Smokin for only $519.00 at M2 Sports. Product Description -

2015 Smokin Women's Fawesymmetrical Snowboard

Designed with a CTX profile, the Fawsymmetrical is rockered through the board's center with raised camber at the tip and tail. The rockered center delivers catch-free fun on boxes and jibs, also enhancing float through deep, untracked snow. Raised camber zones at the tip and tail offer a fun, poppy feel for snapping off kickers and natural features all over the mountain. These cambered zones also enhance edgehold when you're carving, especially when you consider the board's serrated Mellow Magne-Traction edges.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Rocker Type Rocker Type

Clash Rocker (CTX) - Clash Rocker is our high performance hybrid camber technology found on our premium freestyle line. It features rocker between the bindings blending into positive camber outside the bindings. A contact point between the feet transfers energy from the narrowest section of your board for quick response, while the contact points of camber tip and tail allow for enhanced edge hold at any speed. Floaty and playful when you want it, yet stable and powerful when it counts.

Shape Shape

True Twin -  boards feature a symmetrical shape, sidecut, and core profile for a consistent feel regular or switch.

Flex Rating Flex Rating

Our most popular flex pattern, park flex is a versatile core profile that is designed to be lively, responsive, and stable while maintaining a fun playful pressable characteristic. Soft enough to press it out, stable enough to stomp big.

Laminates Laminates

3 layers of dampening absorb vibrations caused by changing snow conditions. The extra layer promotes cohesion between your board’s components for durability you can depend on.

We created VDFLU (Variable Density Fiberglass Layup) to take the heaviest of beatings, the flattest of landings, to give board breakers something to fear. VDFLU is a new proprietary glass layup technique that strategically disburses impact over more axis only where it is needed.  We have engineered the glass layup to be stronger, have more pop, and last longer without adding weight or stiffness to the board.  In our R&D testing, VDFLU boards are 1.54 times stronger than ever before and on hill they feel more lively without any added bulk.  3 year warranties for boards that last: it just makes more sense.

Board Core Board Core

Sustainable Full Aspen Wood Cores Our full aspen woode cores are hand picked for consistent knot free strength and flex from an ISC cetfied US lumbermill.

Edges Edges

Magne Traction - Here at Smokin, we build boards that we like to ride.  When there is a technology out there that is the best available, why would you want to ride anything else?  Our pursuit of the perfect snowboard has been a driving force since day one, with a constant progression and a search for the best materials and designs available. 5 years ago the path to snowboard enlightenment got wavy. 

Manufacturer Board Base Manufacturer Board Base

Sintered 6000 Base - Our sintered UHMW bases are the hardest, toughest available, and 1/3 thicker than industry standard. They have superior wax absorption for lightning fast speed.

Tefloaded Base - The strength characteristics of tried and true sintered 6000 bases and Teflon, the slipperiest synthetic on the planet. We have created bases that are super tough, ride fast, and hold wax longer.

Special Features Special Features

3 Stage Dampening - 3 layers of dampening absorb vibrations caused by changing snow conditions. The extra layer promotes cohesion between your board’s components for durability you can depend on.

PoP Gnarley - PoP Gnarley is eco friendlier hemp torsion x fibers in the tip and tail of the board. Hemp has extremely strong tensile strength and helps transfer energy to your contact points while also dampening out harsh vibrations in your board. Who needs carbon, PoP Gnarley is here to take you higher!

Not only does Smokin offer the best warranty in the industry, we take it a step further by bringing you the only official damaged board replacement program on the planet! For the length of your warranty, the original purchaser can submit any damaged Smokin board which does not fall under the scope of a manufacturer’s defect for a special heavily discounted rate on a new board. When you can depend on your equipment you can concentrate on what’s important; snowboarding.

Size Chart Size Chart

Board Size

Weight Range




80-125 lbs


95-140 lbs

Warranty Warranty 3 Year