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Slingshot Crossbreed Stand Up Paddle Board

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Slingshot Crossbreed Stand Up Paddle Board 12'6"


Slingshot Crossbreed Stand Up Paddle Board 11'

The 2015 Crossbreed is a true HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL AROUND BOARD and is as stable and forgiving as they come. This wide frame will give the wariest of paddler’s full confidence in any condition. The pulled in displacement style nose and a fuller, harder tucked rail is designed to deliver excellent touring performance and all around user friendliness. The Crossbreed also cuts through the chop, makes turns easily and handles knee to waist high surf due to the V spine bottom shape. The Crossbreed is the ultimate crossover of an all-around and performance touring board. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Crossbreed is built with Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (WVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability and flex of the board and the result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Select Board Length Select Board Length 12'6"
Special Features Special Features

Fuller Variable Tucked Hard Rail - Keeps the board from feeling sticky with a clean water release to enhance speed and looseness


"V" Tunel Bottom Shape - Minimizes friction by reducing contact with the water to essential hull surfaces producing less resistance and more speed.  Releases the tail increasing the rocker at the rail line allowing for easier turns

Square Tail - Tigher turns and less friction when changing directions


EVA Pad - Feet stay comfortable and pain free with plenty of room to adjust your stance as conditions change over the day


Ergonomic Carry Handle - Designed with plenty of room to naturally fit the curve of your fingers,  the flush mount carry handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry the board


Vent Plugs - Manually open and close vent plugs to allow your board to "breath", equalizing internal and external pressure form heat and atmospheric pressure changes


4 Tie Down Plugs - Allows for securing personal items on the board


Leash Plug - attach a std surf leash for added safety and security


Single Center SUP Fin  - 9"

up to 300 lbs



length          12'6"

Width            33"

Thickness    5.8"

Volume         312L