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2015 Slingshot Ankle Biter FX

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Slingshot Ankle Biter FX Wakesurf Board - 2015


Slingshot Ankle Biter FX Wakesurf Board - 2015

Built off of our proven Space Pickle platform this shape has earned its reputation as a fun and dynamic board for catching all types of surf. The 2015 Ankle Biter’s unique volume distribution offers the control and stability of a longboard while the double concave with an aggressive V spine through the tail provides looser transition from edge to edge, resulting in the agility and performance of a short-board. Utilizing the quad fin setup allows surfers to fine tune the performance of their board with either the two or four Versa Fin set up. From wake, to kite to everyday surf, the new 2015 Ankle Biter excels in smaller surf conditions and will certainly be the All Star of your quiver.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Wakesurf Type Wakesurf Type Surf
Construction Construction

WVX (Bamboo Veneer + Fluid X)

WVX construction is built with layers of bamboo wood, resin and weaved lightweight fiverglass combined with a strong EPS core. During each layering step cavuum bagging techniques are used to enhance the bonding strength. Proprietary to Slingshot, this construction controls the durability and flex of the board. The result is a proven lightweight, impact resistand board. A final layer of glass provides the highest fit and finish of any wakesurf board on the market. WVX construction features our Fluid X Vibration Dampening System for an unrivaled smooth ride.

Fin Configuration Fin Configuration

Quad Fin Set UP

Two 4.5" single foil fins and two 3.625" double foil rear fins. FCS Compatable Fin Boxes. Fiber Composite Fins