Ronix William Intelligent Core Wakeboard - 2015

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Ronix William Wakeboard 2015

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Regular Price: $599.95

Special Price $419.00


Buy Ronix William Intelligent Core Wakeboard - 2015 by Ronix for only $599.95 at M2 Sports. Product Description -

2015 Ronix William Wakeboard

The only continuous rocker shape in our range – created for faster takes offs, and longer ropes lengths in mind. The William is the speedier counterpart to our other Intelligent Core - Code 22 board

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Additional Information

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Rocker Type

Smooth Continuous rocker - common misconception is that you need added/abrupt rocker for increased lift - this rail design and gradual arc allow the rider to carry more forward momentum




Intelligent Core - By combining two types of foam and two types of wood with carbon fiber and fiberglass, the Intelligent core offers unprecedented feedback and response to the rider. This construction technique creates boards eager for large wakes, long lines, and faster speeds.

Monocoque – a wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board- but is now the strongest. Generating a more durable board on side impacts thus preventing delamination as well as creating a torsionally stiffer ride


Mod Pour – An ultra stiff, lightweight, super saucy core.  This demanding alternative foam is made from Ronix’s exclusive blend of atoms the highest strength to weight ratio they have ever tested – setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam out there.


Krypto Cable – Different fibers are brewed up and then woven together to make a stronger compound.  The Krypto Cable surrounds the profile of the board and is fused together with the new Mod Pour core.  Combined with monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board


Air Core Foam - The more responsive of Ronix's 2 lightweight foams. In addition to having minimal swing weight she packs a mean punch in the lively department. 


Paulownia Wood – made from renewable sustainable trees – a cable friendly Paulownia timber delivering a snowboard influenced kick off the wake and unique Ollie and press on rails


Maple Stringer- the spinal cord of a board running down the middle of a core.  It allows the use of lighter and softer materials with more feedback, and less swing weight without boards collapsing like a traditional flex board


Arced Wood – why has every board made in the past had a linear core construction?  If you are laminating something vertically form tip to tail, all of the energy that takes place torsionally existing the side profile of the board is ignored.  You hit the wake from the side – not fully head on, having this arced parabolic Paulownia helps transfer this energy to the rail of the board.

Interwoven Fibers – a revolutionary blend of fibers, Ronix has been using fiberglass and carbon together in boards for years.  This is the first time that carbon is actually woven together with the glass.  The result is fibers working in unison, and not independently. 

Manufacturer Board Base

Sintered Base – the most durable non-stick base material ever tested on rails.  Formulated from a powder by heating the material in a sintering furnace below its melting point until the particles bond to one another.  A higher purity compound that preserves its bond overtime.  

Fin Configuration

 4 Fiberglass 1.0" Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8" Free Agent Fins

Special Features

Suction Cups on the top deck increase the connection with the boots for added board response

G&R Technology - Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water
Vertical sidewall pushes the tail out of the water for improved glide speed

Thin profiled shape & Diamond Glass - creates stored energy off the wake, softer landings and more feel on rails

Ridden by former National Champion and Double- Up King Adam Errington

Size Chart


Total Surface Area

Rocker Height


(angle, Arc)


Weight Rnge






Up to 160lbs






Up to 170lbs






170lbs & up






175lbs & up

Warranty 1 Year
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