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Koal Technora Fish Women's

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Ronix Koal Technora Fish Women's Wakesurf Board - 2016


Ronix Koal Technora Fish Women's Wakesurf Board - 2016

 Nothing is more graceful in the water than a fish, and nothing is more graceful than a women on top of the water! So new for 2016, Ronix went to the drawing board and shaped a female specfic board, modeled after the Classic Fish shape. With this fish tail and thick buoyant surf core, this board rides higher out of the water, making turns and carves effortless, and of course graceful. Pair all of this with Ronix's Techora and you have yourself a fast, easy gluding surfer that is more responsive on your feet than ever thought possible. Pick up a Women's Fish today and become the talk of the lake!





Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

This is a board that rides high out of the water making it easy to cruise on, but still has the ability to carve up the wave with the best of them!

Wakesurf Type Wakesurf Type Surf
Construction Construction


New for this year, Ronix added the response of Technora - this laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of our standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging the gap between a classic Koal construction and our ultra responsive new Hex Shell layup. For the rider looking for a blend of a smooth response, while still being able to bury the rail, or air off the lip.

Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)

Epoxy Construction - harder resin equals a stronger board

CNC Core - handmade by robots

Fin Configuration Fin Configuration

- 1 - 2.9" surf specific bottom mount fins

- 2 - 2.3" surf specific bottom mount fins

Special Features Special Features

New machined concave top deck for more board control and overall feel

Machined EVA top deck with built in tal wedge

A fast rocker line, with a hard edging / stable profile and rail design

Size Chart Size Chart
4'10" 810 3.6 nose - 0.2 tail 26.5/ Late 20.6 Any Size