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2015 Ronix Koal Longboard Wakesurf Board

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Ronix Koal Longboard Wakesurf Board - 2015


Ronix Koal Longboard Wakesurf Board - 2015

Similar laid back feel to our previous Duke Longboard shape, but scaled down in length taking up less room in your boat. A new, no hurry, relaxed, toes on the nose surfer that should be coming with some 25 SPF sunscreem, a coupon for a free Mai Tai and a hang loose Waikiki fluoro tank top.

Let's hit the E-brake on the 21st century hustle. Sometimes you need to quit updating your social media site, replying to the "what did you do last night?" text and on August 12th, our self proclaimed go ride day, even school and work should be taking a rain check. Sometimes you need those days and a product to remind us all od why there is no feeling like riding sideways on the water. The thickest, most buoyant surf constructed board in our range has our thickest/ full rail with a forgiving soft bevel. The result is our most stable east going soul turn special that is even more forgiving for a Sunday afternoon cruise. Grab a couple of your favorite chums, regardless of the surfer's size or boat wake, and experience the endless wave of this new design.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Wakesurf Type Wakesurf Type Surf
Construction Construction

Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)

Epoxy Construction - harder resin equals a stronger board

CNC Core - handmade by robots

Fin Configuration Fin Configuration

One 2.9" surf specific bottom mount tail fin

Special Features Special Features

Machined EVA top deck with built in tail wedge

Concave top deck for more board control and overall feel

The chance to ride your favorite longboard skateboard on the water