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Honeycomb Core Surf Skimmer

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Ronix Honeycomb Core Surf Skimmer Wakesurf Board - 2016


Ronix Honeycomb Core Surf Skimmer Wakesurf Board - 2016

The Ronix Surf Skimmer with the all new Honeycomb Core is named this for a reason. If you have ridden an array a skim wakesurfs, then you might have noticed how the rail edge can drastically change the ride of the board. So the masterminds in Ronix's lab's have concocted a hybrid between a surf style board and a skimmer, with a thicker profile than most skimmers and having a round rail, adding buoyancy, making a surf style board. While still having a skimmer shape, allows this board to have a skate feel if desired, but still being able to be ridden as a surf style board if that's more your style.  Designed to be ridden both switch and regular with a semi-twin outline, a machined pad covering the entire top deck, and tip/tail fins. Pick up a Surf Skimmer today and everyone on the boat will be wanting a set on this board!



Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

You don't have to pick a style of riding with this board, pump,carve, spin this board like a top, but if you want to sit back a cruise, then the Surf Skimmer will be your captain! Check it out in the all new Honeycomb Core, it is like magic under your feet, feel the board come to life as you carve, spin, and air out of the wave!

Select Board Color Select Board Color Orange
Wakesurf Type Wakesurf Type Skim
Construction Construction


Ronix have been testing different foams and fiber for many years, but the new Honeycomb Core has energy and feel on the water that is like nothing they have seen before. If you are looking for more contact and feel with the water be sure to check out the latest bees knees of cores.

Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)

Epoxy Construction - harder resin equals a stronger board

CNC Core - handmade by robots

Fin Configuration Fin Configuration

-1 – 1.5”, 1 – 2.3”, 1 - 2.9” HOOK ALFRED FINS

Size Chart Size Chart
4'2" 761 1.7 nose - 0.2 tail 8.4 / Late 19.9 Any Size
4'2" 901 2.0 nose -0.2 tail 8.4 / Late 21 Any Size