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2016 Agent Rocker - 155cm

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Rome Agent Rocker Snowboard 2016


Rome Agent Rocker Snowboard 2016 - A new shape and a new camber line power a new level off all-mountain awesomeness from the Agent Rocker. For riders who surf the earth most days, yet aren’t entirely ready to say goodbye to the park. For someone who wants the ability to rip a chute, spray a skier and nollie the slow sign before heading into the park—all in one run.


Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

The Agent Rocker has an amazing blend of ROCKER and CAMBER that allows this board to be used in almost any situation. Loose when you want it to be and we are darn sure that it will handle strong edges on crusty snow as fast as you can go. 

Rocker Type Rocker Type

MTN Pop Rocker 2.0 - MtnPop Rocker is redesigned for 2016. We modified the amount of rocker between your feet so that it and the contact points touch the snow when the board is under no pressure. In the nose of the board and the tail of the board, we place positive camber. The result is a combination that is equal parts big-mountain ripper and mini-shred aficionado. Positive camber lets you hammer carves, snap ollies and provides increased stability while the rocker give you float and playful buttery-fun.

MtnPop Rocker 2.0

Shape Shape

Almost Twin - 

Flex Rating Flex Rating

Flex: 5.5-7 (depending on size) - A versatile, medium-stiff flex designed to be aggressive and responsive yet playful and buttery. Definitely a great choice for great for all-mountain riding.

Laminates Laminates

Z-Tech 1.0 - A 1-inch wide strip of Zylon that runs down the centerline of the board for maximum responsiveness and dampening.

TURBORODS - The next generation of our HotRods Technology brings a new approach to loading ollies and building pop. We start by milling channels into the board’s core, then we insert carbon rods that rest freely inside sleeves with a single point of attachment. The rod is anchored only towards the center area of the board, leaving the outside tip of the rod to flex freely inside the sleeve. This means the TurboRods engage the tip and tail of the board to load maximum spring, creating a more active flex pattern and effectively self-dampening after pop occurs.

Board Core Board Core

SUPERPOP CORE MATRIX - Increased pop and snap with the use of long poplar wood sections combined with three separate zones of low-density wood for lightness.

Sidewalls Sidewalls

REBOUND SIDEWALLS - For boards that see a lot of action landing on rails, boxes and whatever else you can jib, we created an impact friendly sidewall to help stand up to abuse. Using an elastic compound material that absorbs impact better and provides increased strength to help ride away from everything.

Edges Edges

QuickRip Technology - The idea behind QuickRip SideCut is to give you a board that rails turns at high speeds and a board that is a playful feeling at slower speeds. To do this we give you two sidecuts with the same radius, one in the mid-section of the board and one in the nose and tail regions. The intersection of these two arcs is near the bindings and creates the Mid-Board Contact Points. The Mid-Board Contact Points provide you with haul ass edge handling but when you slow down give you a fun looser style ride.

Manufacturer Board Base Manufacturer Board Base

Sintered SpeedBase - For some of our high-end boards we use this high-end sintered compound to bring new levels of speed to your riding. It also retains the absorbed wax helping you to maintain mach speeds between waxes for effortless ripping and jump boosting.

Warranty Warranty 1 year