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Rome 390 Boss Binding - Orange

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Rome 390 Boss Binding - 2016


Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Binding - 2016

For years, the 390 Boss has been the go-to binding for team riders, Rome employees, regional flow kids and friends of the SDS. That’s probably because it lays down an all-around flex pattern, a heavy load of customization features and the best straps money can buy. Enough power for laying into a deep pow slash or popping the lip of a jump. Enough tweak for styling out a crail or locking into a front board.

Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

The BOSS of the binding world. Arguably one the most innovative binding ever built.

Riding Style Riding Style All Mountain (Medium)
Entry Style Entry Style Traditional Two Strap
Disk Disk

Minimalist Disc - A small disc allows greatly reduce the amount of baseplate contact with the board—the industry-leading 1.56% of plastic contact. It also lets us take a ton of weight out of the baseplate design.

Baseplates Baseplates

V-Rod Baseplated – Rome’s V-Rod baseplates minimize the contact between your binding and your board, while controlling for “correct” flex. The baseplates “rocker” on opposing corners with a “rod” of support from toe to heel: this is to give the freestyle flex that snowboarding demands, while also delivering power edge to edge. The narrow footprint also maximizes the board’s natural flex pattern. 

Straps Straps

New Contour Boss.2 Ankle Strap - Using high-conforming, temperature resistant foams, we’ve created a form-fitting 3D design that nests into the ankle of the boot for high comfort at a mid-range, all-terrain flex profle. A lower profile this year means a lighter weight.

Conformgrip Toe Strap - When you strap in, this design quickly conform to any boot on the market to lock in control. High grip secures it in place and allows for more comfort through the need for less pressure.

AutoStrap Technology - Beating skiers to powder lines matters. With the AutoStrap, your ankle strap is pulled out of the way so you can step in much more quickly and hassle-free.

Highbacks Highbacks

390 Asym HighBack - All main design aspect of the 390 control for “correct” flex. With the Asym Highback, we keep it stiffer on the lateral side where you transmit power, and we keep it soft on the medial side for more flow and tweakability.

Heelcup Heelcup

UnderWrap Technology - Forged in three levels of lightness for different models, the UnderWrap heel hoop drives the performance of models like the Targa, 390 Boss and Madison bindings. With added leverage, energy is transmitted directly into the edges of the board, while at the same time, the binding is free to flow side to side. Translation: “correct” flex.

Special Features Special Features

Yes, I Cant Technology - Rome created adjustable canting for our InBase padding system under your foot to let riders customize two aspects of their interface. Increased canting underfoot gives riders more power over the tip and tail of their boards. Some riders like this for all types of boards, but it is particularly beneficial for rocker boards that have less power in the tips and tails. Increased canting also puts less pressure on the knee for greater comfort, particularly for riders who run wider stances.

V-Rod Subbase Pad - D30 in our high-end models and EVA padding under the baseplate decreases vibration and improves cushioning for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Cushioning materials extend into the raised corners of our V-Rod design to provide more flexibility in the corners where you want movement.

Warranty Warranty Limited Lifetime