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  • 4 Major Emotions You'll Experience While Snowboarding

    1. Love

    There is such a unique tranquility that comes with being outside during snowfall. Arguably, this effect is most soothing after the sun has gone down and the moon can float prominently. Seemingly, however, our society has shifted so that nighttime hours once reserved for rest and reflection have become steadily overtaken by anxiety and obligation. For many people, it has become unimaginable to just spend one moment appreciating the beauty of their surroundings. It is interesting to consider that something as pure as snowflakes also have the power to bring about madness. When an abundance of people are concerned with shoveling out their cars and hazardously scrambling to work jobs they don’t even like, how could anyone feel connected to the here and now? Many are living in the present as slaves to the future with no escape in sight. I myself, feel fortunate enough to have learned that freedom can be found in something as natural as a snowstorm. This knowledge was Continue reading

  • Colorado Snow Resorts Open Early in 2014

    Colorado Snow Report Snowboarding

    Colorado Snow Report (Early)

    Snow - Everyone here at M2 Sports is pretty stoked about the current snow conditions. If you were on the fence about going to spend some winter vacation time in Colorado for some snowboarding, now is the time to book your trip! Continue reading

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