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GoPro Karma - GoPro Finally has an Aerial Drone of there own!

GoPro Karma Launch Photo 2016

Instant Karma

GoPro has been on top of the actions sports camera market for the better part of a decade. From the latest releases we've seen a wide variety of gear. The Hero4 Black, which essentially is a pro-level camera with amazing video and sound, and the Session which released just in time for Christmas of 2015.

Announcing a Flight Plan

Today however, we see a new side of GoPro. The aerial drone named 'Karma' was announced to launch in 2016. Through the last few years we've seen a huge rise in use of aerial camera drones for all kinds of great video.

There is no official word on the price of a Karma, but speculations are that it will be from $500 to $1,000. So far GoPro has been great about keeping their industry leading equipment down at affordable price ranges. Just last week the Session's new price fell to a mere $199.00 after being released at almost $400. Being the wonderful supporter of free spirited movie making that GoPro is, they've also announced that if you sign up for news about the new drone then you get entered to win one of 100 free camera drones to be given away at random.

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