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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the GoPro Hero4

gopro hero4 4k versus 720p

  1. 1. 4k Video at 30 frames per second. You may not even know what 4k video is. If you do, chances are you’re saying to yourself “Less than 1% of tv’s can even display 4k.” To this I say sure, but when it comes to editing video you don’t need more than 720 for a great web video. That means you can zoom waaaay in on a shot that may not be perfect for that true cinematic cropping.
  2. 2. Night modes for really impressive night time footage at concerts or wherever. Plus, there’s a new night time setting for the craziest timelapse videos you’ve ever seen...and now make.
  3. 3. 1080p120….let me say that again, 120 frames a second at true 1920x1080p high definition resolution. That makes for some killer slow motion in super hi res.
  4. 4. The integrated touch screen back panel is a feature that even cameras 3 times its price don’t have.
  5. 5. It packs all these awesome features into a frame that fits all the accessories you already have. It works with your wifi remote, cell phone, tablet, and any poles or cases you may have bought for the Hero3.

We at M2 Sports have 2 models available from GoPro ready to ship before anyone else in our area. The GoPro Hero4 Silver with the touch screen, and the GoPro Hero4 Black with all the extra features only pro level cameras are carrying.

Check them out on the GoPro Brand Page!

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