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  • Nikon 306-Degree Action Camera

    Get a well rounded view

    For the longest time, GoPro has ruled the action camera market. Through tons of media, marketing, and lifestyle placement the action cam market has done pretty well. The last half of 2015 offered some interesting insight to what might be coming as technology gets better.

    I never saw this coming

    Nikon has always been known for its Professional level SLR and DSLR cameras. They've really broken the mold with their latest drop at CES in Las Vegas this year debuting a 360 degree action camera. Yeah, you really need to watch the video to understand how it works. I'm sure there is some proprietary software to download, much like the GoPro Studio (hopefully Nikon's software is just as free). There aren't any real details yet except that it shoots 4k video, it has Bluetooth, WiFi, its waterproof and shockproof. Nikon has always had great resolution and color so I expect no less from this.

    Watch the video and tell us what you think.

  • MassViolence - The Snowmass Park Crew Sends New Park Features

    Snow Falling on Sick Edits

    Wasting no time this year, Knuckle Draggers is already dropping sick edits from the Park at Snowmass. New features mean lots of great new lines in an already super badass town. If you've never been to Aspen/Snowmass then you're truly missing out on one of the greatest rides in Colorado.

    MassViolence from Zach Hooper on Vimeo.

  • GoPro Karma - GoPro Finally has an Aerial Drone of there own!

    GoPro Karma Launch Photo 2016

    Instant Karma

    GoPro has been on top of the actions sports camera market for the better part of a decade. From the latest releases we've seen a wide variety of gear. The Hero4 Black, which essentially is a pro-level camera with amazing video and sound, and the Session which released just in time for Christmas of 2015. Continue reading

  • 33% Off Copper Mountain Ski Resort Special - Book Now

    33% off copper mountain graphicSki Resort Special

    We're starting to get excited really early this season, but we're not the only ones! Copper Mountain is already offering Sweet Sweet Pre-Season Deals to get you motivated. Check out this package of 'buy 2 nights, get one free!' Continue reading

  • Get on Board! 7 Ways Wakeboarding and Snowboarding Can Transform Your Body

    ho-hyperlite-byerly-429Don't you just sometimes wish you had Spiderman's agility or Popeye's biceps? Sure, you realize you need to make an effort to get the body you want. But, it just so happens that you're not on best terms with the gym, and even the thought of going for a run makes your knees hurt.  Besides, you have to accomplish this whole fitness thing in your downtime; isn't that when you should be having fun instead of stressing about getting in shape?

    Continue reading

  • #SupportBlue Window Decal - Recognize Houston's Law Enforcement with Us

    M2 Sports is offering a very limited run of window decals to support local law enforcement and the SupportBlue movement.

    As wakeboarders we rely heavily on Police Officers, Constables, State Troopers, and Game Wardens to keep our roadways and waterways safe.

    In an effort to show our support, we'll be handing out 12" window decals like the one below for free while supplies last. All you need to do is stop by the shop and ask for one.

    support blue window decal

    So please join us, M2 Sports, and let the world know that we appreciate what our law enforcement does. We appreciate the danger they put themselves in everyday. We appreciate the long hours they spend away from their families. We appreciate them being there for us when we need them. Most of all, we appreciate their lives.

    From all of us here at M2,
    Thank You!

    6375 Westheimer Rd
    Houston TX 77057

  • 4 Major Emotions You'll Experience While Snowboarding

    1. Love

    There is such a unique tranquility that comes with being outside during snowfall. Arguably, this effect is most soothing after the sun has gone down and the moon can float prominently. Seemingly, however, our society has shifted so that nighttime hours once reserved for rest and reflection have become steadily overtaken by anxiety and obligation. For many people, it has become unimaginable to just spend one moment appreciating the beauty of their surroundings. It is interesting to consider that something as pure as snowflakes also have the power to bring about madness. When an abundance of people are concerned with shoveling out their cars and hazardously scrambling to work jobs they don’t even like, how could anyone feel connected to the here and now? Many are living in the present as slaves to the future with no escape in sight. I myself, feel fortunate enough to have learned that freedom can be found in something as natural as a snowstorm. This knowledge was Continue reading

  • New Woodlands Store Location - At a Cable Park?..YES!

    wakeboarding houston

    New Location in The Woodlands...and its a Cable Park / Boat Dealership!

    Click here for details about the woodlands wakeboard shop.
    Continue reading

  • Submit your Video or Photo to win a GoPro Hero4!!!

    #wearem2sports gopro hero4 giveaway contestSubmit your video or Photo to win a GOPRO Hero4 - GIVEAWAY! - $399.99 Value

    M2 Sports and GoPro have teamed up to give you a brand new GoPro Hero4 Silver!

    With the help of GoPro we would like to give away a new GoPro Hero4 camera as the prize for user submitted photos and video with participants either saying “We Are M2 Sports” in the video or using the hashtag #wearem2ports somewhere in the submission. Continue reading

  • Colorado Snow Resorts Open Early in 2014

    Colorado Snow Report Snowboarding

    Colorado Snow Report (Early)

    Snow - Everyone here at M2 Sports is pretty stoked about the current snow conditions. If you were on the fence about going to spend some winter vacation time in Colorado for some snowboarding, now is the time to book your trip! Continue reading

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