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Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf 4'8"

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Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board - 2015

Buy Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board - 2015 by Liquid Force for only $579.00 at M2 Sports. Product Description -

2015 Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board

Everyone wants a Happy Pill! This new shape is so much fun to ride you’ll be smiling long after your session ends. Its short and stubby shape gives you a board that is easy to control, and quick turning, with infinite glide. You’ll be amazed at how small of a board you can ride behind a boat with ease. The Happy Pill has an efficient single-to- double concave hull for lift and projection. The Happy Pill comes with 3 sets of fins so you can experiment and find your own happy place. Large side fins come for the front outside position. The rear side and center positions can be fitted with either the small quad set for hard driving and turning. Two small “Stubbie” fins can be placed in the rear position as a quad or as a tri for a loose and lively feel with minimum drag for all sized rippers looking for fun.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Wakesurf Type Wakesurf Type Surf
Construction Construction

Lightweight EPS Core w/ Epoxy Shell - Precision milled core hand finished to perfection

Fin Configuration Fin Configuration

Versatile Fin Setup Options - Ride it as a Twin, a Tri, or a Quad w/ regular small rear fins or “Stubbies” for looseness

Special Features Special Features

Short, stubby Squaretail ShapeFull volume outline allows you to ride a small, quick board.


Single-to-Double Concave HullEfficient flow and effortless glide


Front and Rear EVA Grooved Traction with Archbars & KickstopsLock your back foot against the rear wedge for ultimate control and grip

Size Chart Size Chart
 LengthWidthRockerVolumeWeight Range
4' 0" 48.0"
127.0 cm
48.3 cm
2.0" N/0.6" T
5.1 / 1.6 cm
16.0 L Up to 150 lbs
Up to 68 kg
4' 4" 52.0"
132.1 cm
49.8 cm
2.1" N/0.9" T
5.3 / 2.3 cm
19.0 L Up to 190 lbs
Up to 86 kg
4' 8" 56.0"
142.2 cm
51.8 cm
2.3" N/1.0" T
5.8 / 2.6 cm
22.3 L 170 - 230+ lbs
77 - 105+ kg