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Hyperlite Franchise with Remix Boots Package

Hyperlite Remix Boots 2016

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Combining the 2016 Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard with the Remix Boots gives you a great riding wakeboard with a soft boot that fits lots of sizes.  The board shape is an easy riding continous rocker that is very predictable on the water and off of the wake.  The Remix boots will let you get in and out with ease, fits lots of different sized feet and still give you enough support to learn all the basics of wakeboarding!

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

The 2016 Hyperlite Remix boot brings together the perfect blend of comfort and support that wakeboarders that are just getting their feet wet want.  With dual lace zones and seperate liner to shell construction the ease of adjustment and flexiblility of fit is spot on!

Binding Type Binding Type Open Toe
Lacing Style Lacing Style Multiple Laces
Flex Rating Flex Rating

Flex Rating 3/10

Special Features Special Features

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Hyperplush Rear Flex Zone 

Adjustable Fixed Toe Design 

Dual Velcro Closure

Duel Quick Cinch Front Lace Zone

Dual Density EVA 

All New Low Pro Plate System

Warranty Warranty 1 Year