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HO Women's Freeride with Double Freemax Boots

HO Women's Freeride Slalom Ski

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HO Freemax Boot

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Specifically made for all the ladies out there, the 2016 Women's Freeride ski packaged with double Freemax boots is that ski that can handle all boats and all water conditions you find!!

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M2 Says: M2 Says:

The Freeride by HO Sports is quite possibly the best women's slalom water ski for beginner to intermediates to ever be built!  This, Made in the USA, ski will help you ski any conditions, behind any boat and at nearly any level.  If you are looking for something a little more agressive take a look up HO's ski line...its dialed!!

Ski Type Ski Type Slalom Skis
Skill Level Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Ski Core Ski Core

Poly Urethane Foam Core

Laminates Laminates

Fiberglass Laminates

Special Features Special Features

CLEAN EDGE TECHNOLOGY- Is the backbone of each and every HO Freeride ski. This revolutionary ski technology allows skiers to ski behind any boat, at any speed, in any water condition. The beveled edge of a traditional water ski allows water to wrap around the bottom of the ski and up the sidewall where it finally releases off the ski's top edge. Clean Edge Technology is bevel-less and the sidewalls are rotated inward like a wakeboard edge. The combination of these two design features causes water to release cleanly off the bottom surface of the Freeride resulting in a 50% less drag than conventional skis. By having 50% less drag than a conventional ski, skiers are now able to slow the boat down to wakeboard speeds and enjoy skiing without sinking and having to deal with excessive spray and drag. This opens the possibility of skiing behind all types of boats; inboards, outboards, I/O's, personal water craft and even cable parks. In addition, this effortless skiing at reduced speeds allows skiers to easily negotiate any reasonable type of water condition. This reopens the door to bodies of water once forgotten for water skiing and allows skiers to ride together in harmony with our wake brethren once again. Live free and ski!

CLEAN EDGE LOCATION- Why does only half of my Freeride have CleanEdge? Clean Edge is a revolutionary technology that reduces drag by 50% over traditional skis. Less drag equals more lift and it is the lift on the rear 50% of the Freeride's running length that allows it to be skied at wake boards speeds with low drag, low spray and low effort. From under the skiers front foot, up through the forebody of the ski, the Freeride utilizes a traditional slalom ski edge design. This traditional edge has greater drag, less lift and as a result rides deeper in the water for the stable, traditional feel skiers covet.

FREERIDE SHARK FIN- The Freeride comes equipped with the surf-inspired Shark Fin. A deeper overall fin depth provides unmatched hold and drive in choppy water conditions. While the cutout on the back of the fin reduces overall surface area and fin length for quick, tight turns.

WOMEN'S SPECIFIC FREERIDE FLEX- Traditional slalom course water skis have rounded-off bevels, mellow entry concaves and stiff flexes because they are designed to be slide around the buoy as much as carve. The Freeride is a carving machine! Clean Edge Technology, the steep-entry-concave, and Shark Fin provide unmatched edge hold, for pure carved turns. Similar to a snow ski, skiers are actually bending the Freeride into a more rockered shape to turn it. As a result, HO designed the Freeride Flex with a snow-ski-inspired flex pattern to allow effortless carves every time.


Size Chart Size Chart

Size Chart:

65"........up to 130 Lbs

67"........Over 130 Lbs

Special Features Special Features


Direct Connect positions boot mounting hardware directly beneath the foot's natural balance and mobility centers: the heel and ball of the foot. Direct Connect eliminates the traditional mounting plate, greatly reducing boot weight, boot drag, and the boot's impact on ski flex. The result is a natural 1:1 skier-to-ski moment-of-inertia never experienced before on the water. Direct Connect allows the entire MAX Ski Boot Collection to redefine what can be expected from a water ski boot.


Direct Connect System

- Natural Edge Angle for precise edge control & improved balance

- Industry Shortest Flex Footprint virtually eliminates ski flex dead spots

- Micro Adjustment for infinite fore/aft and 7 degrees of rotational adjustment

Dual Lace Zones -Low Drag Bungee Upper, Static Lower with improved lace management

Footbed Anchoring System -50% more Velcro coverage & Velcro to aluminum plate riveting