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HO Superlite TX Ski Package with Double XMax 2015

2015 Superlite tX

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2015 Xmax Boot

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HO Superlite TX Ski Package with Double XMax 2015

The day water skiers found the magic combination of carbon fiber and PVC foam core slalom skis, the water ski world changed. If you weren't skiing on a ski with this carbon fiber-PVC foam combination, you were at a significant disadvantage from your competitors. More importantly you were missing out on the most amazing feeling of effortless acceleration you have ever imagined.

Additional Information

Ski Type Ski Type Slalom Skis
Skill Level Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Ski Core Ski Core

HO is proud to introduce the 2015 Superlite Collection of Cross-Over skis, constructed with the same proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite PVC foam core technology found on the legendary Syndicate skis, but in Cross-Over specific shapes designed for the ultimate in performance and efficiency. Finally skiers can enjoy the magic feeling only the world's finest water ski materials have to offer on a shape designed specifically for the type of skiing they enjoy.

Laminates Laminates

Carbon Fiber Laminates

Carbon is the strongest material on earth. Its unmatched strength to weight ratio has allowed water skis to cut weight from over 8 pounds, to under 4. However, it is another property, called Springvalue or K-value, that makes a carbon water ski accelerate so quickly. Carbon's inherent stiffness causes it to return to its original shape quicker than any other material. This is why carbon fiber makes a better spring than fiberglass! As a result, your water ski snaps back to its acceleration shape at the finish of a turn lightening fast, providing skiers with the highest performance imaginable. HO is proud to manufacture every slalom ski in our product line with carbon laminates in the quantity and orientation best suited to the type of skiing you choose.

Fin Block Fin Block Adjustable
Special Features Special Features

Wide Ride Shape: increased lift equals decreased drag, for slower speeds, heavier skiers, or energy saving skiing

Superlite Construction: a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite Core Technology

Clean Edge Technology for 50% less drag than conventional skis.

Speed Skin: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed

Acceleration Flex: automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration

Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

Special Features Special Features

Direct Connect System
TruFit Last: For amazing out-of-the-box fit, with no hot spots
Marshmallow Foam: For the softest, most comfortable fit imaginable
Power Bungee Laces: Rubber boot feel with unmatched support
Power Hook Closure: Improved upper cuff closure for enhanced performance
Power Lace Management: Simple, aft mounted lace post eliminates loose laces