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HO Molecule

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HO Sports Molecule Tube


The HO Sports Molecule uses the latest and most innovative technology in inflatables to perform like no other tube has ever dreamed! Its innovative, patented design isn't just for looks. Using 3 spheres, the center platform is suspended above the water with only the spheres contacting the surface. This dramatically lowers the surface contact and drag behind the boat. The result is an extremely quick sliding, large tube that works equally well on rough or smooth water. There are tons of handles, two towing orientations, and the riding positions are only limited by your own imagination.

When summer kicks into high gear and you want to tow as many tubers as possible, HO's patented Sphere Technology is the way to go! The largest towables have more drag and are tough to tow behind some boats or personal watercraft, but not HO's Molecule, Molecule 3S and Molecule 2D tubes, thanks to Sphere Technology.

HO's Sphere Technology works by suspending the tube deck above the water, inflated spheres are attached at the tube deck corners lifting the deck, minimizing contact points on the water and reducing drag. The ride is simply exhilarating and faster than traditional tube designs. Less drag means even the smallest vessel can tow any of the three HO Sphere Technology tubes holding up to 4 riders on the Molecule. The Molecule 3S and 2D can tow two adults or 3 smaller riders and the ride is like no other.

Zooming across the water, the spheres absorb some wave chop and provide a fun bouncy ride. On rough water days Sphere tubes ride smooth and on glassy days these tubes will zip across the butter for an extreme thrill. Tubers have raved about the ride HO Sphere Technology delivers and no matter what boat you are towing with, one of our premium HO Sphere tubes will provide hours of fun for you and the family.

Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

With its large size and amazing sphere technology the HO Molecule is a guaranteed to be a huge hit with adults and kids.  A bulit in ladder makes it easy to get on and off.  Ultimate fun while your towing behind the boat and large enough to be used as it's own island!!

Special Features Special Features

132" X 128" (Inflated)

HO Sports Patented Sphere Technology


Room for 3 Adults or 4 Kids - 510 lbs. capacity


Built in ladder for easy re-boarding


HO Quick Connect Tow Hook for easy rope hook-up


2 Way Boston Valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation


4K Tube Rope required for the ultimate pull