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DC Focus Snowboard - 153

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DC Focus Snowboard - 2016


DC Focus Snowboard 2016 - The new true twin DC Focus snowboard comes fully equipped to handle any style of snowboarding. With a bi-ax fiberglass layup, this board is forgiving enough for beginners, yet poppy and responsive enough for seasoned park or big mountain riders. The 3 degree bevel on the edges helps riders move beyond the basics of carving quickly and confidently. Rocker and Camber perfectly blended to give you a catch free buttery feel while adding pressure to your edges the moment you step on the gas. Step up your all mountain snowboard game with the ever so versatile DC Focus board for the 2016 snow season!

Additional Information

Additional Information

M2 Says: M2 Says:

Poppy and explosive, yet forgiving.... This board should win an award for versatility!

Rocker Type Rocker Type

Rocker Camber Blend - Rocker camber boards are flat between your stance and curved away from the snow outside the stance (anti-camber). We adjust the length of the flat spot and the amount of anti-camber to determine how the board will perform. A long flat spot is fast and stable, while a shorter flat spot is more maneuverable. Likewise, less anti-camber translates to more power and drive, while more anti-camber makes the board more playful and forgiving.

Shape Shape

True Twin - Completely symmetrical with identical tip and tail measurements and flex pattern, True Twins are very versatile for the whole mountain and offer the ability to ride the board switch without having a differnt nose / tail.

Flex Rating Flex Rating

Soft to medium flex - great for quick movements and ultra-control.  Softer rocker lines create a tighter turning radius with less effort.

Laminates Laminates

Bi-Ax - Fiberglass laid in two different angles to offer a smooth feel for pop and forgiveness. Beginner riders will truly benefit from this type of layup. 

Board Core Board Core

Astro Core - Wood reinforced to offer extra snap and responsiveness when carving or popping off jumps. 

Sidewalls Sidewalls

3-Degree Bevel Sidewalls - By taking 3 degrees of angle off the traditional 90 degree edge, advantage is gained for both beginners , who get a forgiving, catch free ride, as well as expert riders looking for a board that is jib-ready right out of the wrapper. 

Edges Edges

Steel Edges - No additional contact points. 

Manufacturer Board Base Manufacturer Board Base

True Base - Fast, durable, and low maintenance extruded material. 

Warranty Warranty 1 Year