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Wakeboard Boot Buying Guide

There are two main types of wakeboard boots, open toe and closed toe.


Open toe boots give you the most versatility as far as sizing goes. Looking for a board for the quests to use? Trying to have a few different riders use the same set up? Are you just starting out and your feet are still growing? An open toe boot is probably what you are looking for. Open toe boots will fit a range of sizes and offer you some wiggle room to grow!

A closed toe boot will fit your foot better and offer you a more responsive feel. With a closed toe, there is no wiggle room, your toes will touch the end of the boot and you will have a solid contact surrounding your entire foot. This makes for instaneous response. If function is what you are looking for, a closed toe boot is the only option.

Flex or stiffness of your boot is a personal preference. Softer boots will give you more tweakability to poke out grabs or steez out presses. If you are a rider who likes or needs more support, look for a boot with a stiffer flex pattern.

There are two main types of lacing systems, velcro and laces. There are advantages to both, but more important than the type of lacing/tightening system, is the number of zones in which the boot lacing system provides. More zonage = more precission in the fit of your boot.

Velcro is a quick solution to the ease of access. Many cable riders who are constantly in and out of their boots prefer a velcro system. Some  boots offer up to 3 different zones when using a velcro system.

Laces are a good option for any rider. Laces tend to offer the ability to tighten a boot better and create a very snug fit. Laces offer one or two zones traditionally.

c. BOA
BOA is a lacing system that uses a ratchet and cable to tighten. This is a quick and convenient option for boots. BOA has the ability to be tighten incredibly tight(however, do not rely on this for fit, a good fitting boot shouldn't have to be cranked down). There is no flex to cable so a BOA boot tends to have a bit of a stiffer flex pattern.